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Isle of Man


All at Aon Space are dedicated to responding to the individual risk management needs of satellite constructors, operators, users and launch providers. We build enduring and dynamic partnerships with our clients based on a thorough understanding of their individual business objectives.

We frequently play a vital role in complex and sensitive contract negotiations.

The primary advantage of the Isle of Man is the lack of Insurance Premium tax and Aon arranges insurance for every type of space application, including telecommunications, TV broadcasting, remote sensing, scientific applications and earth observation.

We also cater for a wide variety of risks, including physical damage, loss of revenue, launch delay consequential loss, manufacturer incentives and warranties, third party and contractual liabilities, license withdrawals, political risks and system non-performance.

The Space industry is ideally suited to the Captive Insurance proposition. High value catastrophe risk is extremely appropriate for mutual arrangements and we have the expertise our clients need.